can i be a surrogate in the us if i live in the uk?

by Natalie
(Wale, UK )

I am currently living in the uk and would really love to be a surrogate but with law here it is very difficult. Really want to help someone have there own family and was wondering if i could be a surrogate in America if i don’ live in the country??

Reply by Rayven
Unfortunately, what you are describing is a logistical nightmare and might not even be legal (you need to check with an American attorney in the state you would be delivering in).

Do you qualify to stay in the US legally for upwards of a year? If not, then no, you could not be a surrogate in the US.

Are you planning on moving to America, at your own expense? If not, then no, you could not be a surrogate in the US. A set of intended parents would not be willing to fly you out here and provide you with living expenses IN ADDITION TO compensation. It just makes no sense when they can get an American surrogate for a lot less money.

Do you have family and a support system in the United States? Where? Every surrogate needs an in-person support system. Do you have one already over here? Family, friends, other surrogates.

Are you willing to uproot your children? Are they willing/able to spend a year or more in America going to school here? Are they legally allowed to do so?

These are just a few of the very basic issues you would have. If you are married, does your spouse think this is a good idea? America is going through a recession right now; would he have a job over here to come to? Can he legally work in the US?

Add to that the fact that I’m really not even sure you CAN legally be a surrogate and sign a contract here (not sure you can’t, either, check with a lawyer).

Hope this helps!

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