Do ovaries matter for the surrogate?

by Nicole
( Hesperia ca)

Can I be a surrogate mother if I have had one of my ovaries taken out ? And I have a lot of mental illnesses in my family but I don’t have any

Reply by Rayven
In gestational surrogacy, ovaries do not matter. Many surrogates have had a tubal and no longer have access to their ovaries. Because their eggs are not used, they are not needed.

But the important issue here is not that you are missing an ovary, its the fact that you had one removed. Why was it removed? The answer to that question will more than likely determine your eligibility to become a gestational surrogate mother.

If your pregnancies were healthy, you’ve delivered full-term babies, and the removal didn’t have anything to do with fertility, its quite possible you will still qualify for gestational surrogacy.

Of course, traditional surrogacy would be an entirely different situation. Though theoretically, if you had one functioning ovary and intended parents who really wanted to use you, it would be possible as well.

As to the mental illness in your family, you will need to discuss this with your agency and have them determine their willingness to work with you.

Best wishes!

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