can i still be a surrogate if im a single mom and on government assitance?

i already have a healthy 3 yr old son and im raising him alone. i want to be a surrogate but im on government assistance, is it still possible?

Reply by Rayven
Being a single mom is OK, as long as you have a support system in place, but a surrogate mother cannot be on government assistance for quite a few reasons.

1. If you are receiving compensation for being a surrogate mother, this will reduce or eliminate your government assistance.

2. It gets tricky with medical bills as using Medicaid for a surrogate pregnancy is fraud, and purchasing a policy for a surrogate mother is expensive.

3. Money is never guaranteed in surrogacy. Having someone in a life-stage who is in great need of the money who may not get any money is not a good idea. You could devote 1-2 years of your life with surrogacy without ever being compensated a cent.

4. There are negative connotations with surrogacy which imply that “rich” people take advantage of “poor” surrogates. A surrogate on public assistance supports this negativity.

At this point in your life, surrogacy is probably not the best option for you, but it might be at some time in the future.

Best wishes!

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