Will I Qualify as a Surrogate?

Once you consider becoming a surrogate the next question is usually “Will I even qualify to be a surrogate?”

  • Some of the top questions we get asked include:
  • What if I’ve had my tubes tied?
  • What if I’ve never had kids or even been pregnant?
  • What if I’ve had a c-section before?
  • What if I’ve had pregnancy complications or miscarriages?
  • What if I’ve had an STD?
  • Am I too young or too old to be a surrogate?
  • What if I’ve had an abortion or given up a child for adoption in the past?
  • What if I’m overweight?
  • What if I have recently given birth or am currently breastfeeding?
  • What if I’m on mood-altering medications or antidepressants?

Find the answers to all of the above questions here: