How much does it cost for an experienced surrogate?

by beth

How much should i charge for a second time gest carrier journey. I had twins the first time, and asked for 24- could you tell me if 30 to 35 is normal for second time gest cariers?

Reply by Rayven
The amount a gestational surrogate mother asks for in fees is a very personal decision. It is quite common – expected even – that an experienced surrogate will ask for a larger compensation than a first time surrogate.

As to whether your fees are reasonable, there are a few things to consider. First, are you asking for $30K-35K as an all-inclusive amount, or is that before items such as multiples, bedrest, transfer fee, and invasive procedures are assessed?

Second, does your insurance cover surrogacy? If it does, a higher compensation is justified.

Are you working with an agency? Many agencies have guidelines for compensation for their surrogates, and are not very flexible (though some agencies are quite flexible).

And lastly, the downturn in the economy is making it more difficult for parents to afford surrogacy. Surrogate mothers are lowering their compensation to adjust for this.

On a personal note, my second time compensation was an all-inclusive compensation and was within the range you mentioned. I would not have done an itemized compensation for that amount; I would have felt it was too high.

The $30-35K range for a second time surrogate is on the high side of average, but not unreasonable. Be prepared to wait a little longer to get matched with the right intended parents.

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