How much should I charge for the second baby?

Surrogacy-Quote-53What is the appropriate amount to charge for a second baby?

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I am unclear by your question if you are asking what a multiples fee would be, if, for example, you were to carry twins, or you are asking what fees a second-time surrogate would receive.

But honestly, to address your question exactly as it is written, nothing should be charged for a second baby. In fact, nothing should be charged for a first baby. That would be “baby selling” and is completely illegal.

Surrogate mothers are not paid to hand over babies. They are compensated for being pregnant. There is a very distinct difference here. Regardless of the outcome of the pregnancy itself, whether that is a miscarriage, an abortion due to genetic defects, a stillborn, or a live full-term baby, the surrogate is compensated for the time in which she is pregnant.
No surrogate is compensated for producing a baby.

Now, if you meant, “What is the additional compensation for carrying twins?” Then the answer to this is that generally, a multiples fee is $3,000-5,000+ for twins, and $5,000-10,000+ for triplets, due to the added difficulty of carrying them. This fee MUST be discussed in advance, and placed into the contract BEFORE pregnancy. If pregnancy has already occurred, and there is no mention of a multiple’s fee in the contract, then there is ZERO additional compensation.

If you meant, “What is the typical base compensation for a second-time surrogate?” Then the answer to this is that surrogate mothers typically ask for compensation of around $5,000-10,000+ more for the second journey. Third and subsequent journeys are around the same as the second, maybe $2,000-5,000+ more. So if you received $22,000 as a base compensation for a first surrogacy, it is not unheard of to ask $32,000 for a second, and $35,000 for a third. Of course, many second and subsequent surrogates do eliminate some of the itemized expenses they find they do not need for another journey, such as additional maternity clothes, or mock transfer fees.

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