hi i would like to now how to be my moms sergate

Surrogacy-Quote-55see my mom has no insides so she cant cary a baby but she still got one ovary so she still got eggs and i have two kids and we wont to take her egg and fertilise it and put it in me and we both have medicad and im a stay at home mom and i still have all my old preg close from my last time so im trying to see what the cheapest way to do this is cuse we both on ssi so we dont have lot money

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Unfortunately, surrogacy is quite expensive, and if you and your mother are both in a financial situation that relies on help from the state/government, you most likely will not be able to afford gestational surrogacy.

The IVF procedure will cost thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of dollars. Then, because you are on Medicaid, an insurance policy will have to be purchased for you, or you will need to pay cash for the entire pregnancy, labor, and delivery. If you get multiples and end up on bedrest, or if you experience complications, this could run you tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands more.

In addition to medical costs, there are attorney fees, legal fees (yes, you absolutely MUST go through the court system), and dozens of miscellaneous fees, the least of which is maternity clothing.

The entire process is long and very expensive. Since you would not be taking a fee from your mother, her costs would probably run $25K on the low side, in a picture perfect world, and upwards of $100K if complications arise, pregnancy does not occur with the first transfer, you need to pay cash for the pregnancy, etc.

Surrogacy is not within financial reach for many people at this time.

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