Would insurance find out?

Surrogacy-Quote-52by Chris
(Orlando, florida usa)

Lets say a close friend surrogate has insurance that does not cover her surrogate pregnancy. If they were not to involve lawyers and were to conceive at home using intended father’s sperm and have the surrogate mother sign over her rights to father in hospital. How would insurance find out it wasn’t just an adoption?

Reply by Rayven
If surrogacy is excluded, and insurance finds out, not only are you responsible for repaying all the fees, you are COMMITTING FRAUD!

And your surrogate will be the one unlucky enough to deal with the bulk of the accusations, as everything is in her name. Her financial life can be ruined and she can face prosecution. Personally, I cannot think of a worse way to bring a child into this world!

There are better options out there, especially since pregnancy is no longer considered a preexisting condition. Fraud is NEVER an option.

And in order to “sign over her rights” you’re going to need to do it legally. Getting lawyers protects everybody, especially your child. Do it right. Don’t clip corners on the most important event in your entire lives. Its just not worth it.


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