Becoming a Surrogate Mother at Age 19

by Tori McCrea
(Buckhannon, Wes Virginia )

Hello, I am 19 years old. And I went through menopause at 9 years old. I have always wanted to become a young mother and to go through the whole process of carrying a baby. I have a rare chromosome disorder called Turners mosaic Syndrome, and my ovaries are no longer usable. But I was told by my doctor that my uterus is perfect! I know a couple that has been trying to get pregnant for about 13 years now. And I want to help them. Am I too young?.

Reply by Rayven
Yes, you are too young. You MUST be 21 or older to become a surrogate mother in the United States, to legally enter into the surrogacy contract. Period.

With your medical issues, you might not qualify to become a surrogate mother, even if you have already found intended parents. When you are old enough, you will need to talk with their clinic to see if they would accept you.

Best wishes!

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