can i be a surrogate for my brother and his wife?

by Missy
(Charlotte )

my brother’s new wife can’t have children. i want to know if medically, can i carry a baby for my biological brother. would it be insestial for me to carry my brothers baby? it would of course be her egg and his sperm. i would only carry the baby. is it possible?

Reply by Rayven
Yes, it is completely possible (and common) to act as a gestational surrogate mother for a family member without involving incest.

The baby is the biological child of your brother and his wife, not you and your brother. You being their surrogate would be the same as them having any other surrogate mother.

What would not be possible, and would in fact be incest, is if you were a traditional surrogate mother for them, using his sperm and your eggs.

You are a wonderful sister for considering this for them!

Best wishes.

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