How to Afford Surrogacy

Surrogacy can be an expensive option for the intended parents. The average family is not likely to have the extra money that it can take to pursue this family planning option.

Most intended parents have already tried other methods for building their family before they turn to surrogacy. They may have already spent thousands on fertility treatments. And now they are considering surrogacy – which is probably the most expensive option of them all.

When you take into account the compensation fees for the surrogate carrier, medical fees, any medications, fees for the surrogacy agency and attorney’s, doctor’s visits, labor and delivery, the hospital stay, travel expenses, and miscellaneous expenses, a typical gestational surrogacy may cost anywhere between $30,000 to $100,000 So what are some tips on how to afford surrogacy for the average family?

How to Afford Surrogacy Tip #1: Save Up For It
This is probably the most straightforward tip. Many families make sacrifices to be able to save up for the things that they care about. Surrogacy is no exception. People forego costly things such as vacations, new cars, and other high-ticket items as well as save up any extra money. That way they are eventually able to afford surrogacy. However, some people are not willing to wait the amount of time that it would take to save up enough money (especially those who are older), so they pursue other options.

How to Afford Surrogacy Tip #2: Get Financed
Other families will go to the bank to obtain financing to build their family by applying for loans or taking out second mortgages on their homes. Some will even borrow the money from a friend or family member if they can. The downside to this is that you would then be in debt.

How to Afford Surrogacy Tip #3: Go the Traditional Surrogacy Route
Let’s be honest – gestational surrogacy is expensive. The fees associated with multiple IVF treatments can be costly. Another route would be to choose a surrogate carrier who is open to artificial insemination. These days, that can even be done at home so you cut out clinic fees as well. The downside would be that the baby would not have any genetic ties to the intended mother.

How to Afford Surrogacy Tip #4: Eliminate Fees
Another way to save money is to cut out as many fees as possible. To save money on hospital fees, look into home births and midwives. Forego the surrogacy agency and handle everything on your own (be sure to do your research, though). Find a surrogate carrier who already has health insurance. Youcould also negotiate with the surrogate on her compensation fees or find a close friend or family member who is willing to help you for free.

How to Afford Surrogacy Tip #5: Donate Your Eggs
Another option you may not have considered is to donate your eggs for other families. If your eggs are acceptable, you can be compensated quite a bit for them. The result is that you are able to financeyour own surrogacy while also helping another family out.

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