How much does it cost financially to do the whole surrogacy thing?

Surrogacy-Quote-24I am looking into having a friend be a surrogate for me. I cant have kids due to 2 tubal pregnancies that i have had. My gynecologist told me I wasn’t able to have kids but I can still produce eggs. How does the whole surrogacy thing work.

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The best place to go on this site to get started with the surrogacy process is here:

Getting Started in Surrogacy Checklist

As to the costs of surrogacy, this can vary widely. It is not uncommon for a gestational surrogacy to range from $50,000-100,000 or more. However, because you have already found a surrogate mother, and she is a friend, you might save a substantial amount of money from that ballpark figure.

Figure on paying your clinic for the egg retrieval and transfer to the surrogate, at least one time but possibly multiple times, two attorneys to get your contract in place, court fees for the baby’s birth certificate, health insurance for your surrogate mother or her deductibles and co-pays if she already has health insurance, all incidentals of the pregnancy, and a fee to your friend unless she is willing to become your surrogate mother without a fee, among other expenses.

Its very difficult to say that any particular journey is “X” amount of money. But these figures should get you started.

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