Fair Warning: I’m Rocking the Boat


I started this website 8 years ago with one simple intention: to educate those interested in pursuing surrogacy on the process. I wanted to be kind, uplifting, and honest.

But I have to admit it; I’ve done a lot of sugar-coating.

Maybe it’s my nature – I am obnoxiously positive. I love finding the good in any situation, and am great at turning problems into opportunities. I am not fond of judging others, and, if I’m being honest here, I’m really not fond of others judging me.  I prefer to fly under the radar with any of my opinions that are controversial; I hate rocking the boat.

But I’m also a realist. And sugar coating a subject as complicated as surrogacy in an effort to avoid negative comments from those who will disagree with me is not the best service I can be offering those new to this community.

And restraining myself from offering experienced opinions on issues that affect this industry in the desire to remain unblemished is selfish.


So consider this your fair warning: it’s about to get real here.

Don’t get me wrong – all of the information on this website is true, and if you’d like to think that all journeys are sunshine and rainbows, it will serve you well. But let’s be real. Most journeys are not sunshine and rainbows.  Most are messy rollercoasters filled with breathtakingly awesome highs, and terrifyingly depressive lows.  And it’s really important to understand that this is TOTALLY normal.

Nothing is quick, nothing is easy, transfers fail, people let you down, attorneys move at a snail’s pace, clinics make unreasonable demands, and hearts get broken.

Sometimes even crazy things happen – like agencies or escrow services run off with the money, surrogates try to keep a baby, or, more commonly, intended parents leave the surrogate with unpaid medical bills or even with the baby itself.


So in the days and weeks to come, I’m going to bring them to you. I’m going through and editing all the pages on Information on Surrogacy to cut down on some of the extra sweetener. Some pages, I might even offer a dash of salt, just to keep us all on our toes.

And expect to see some rather opinionated posts from me going forward. Like, when a surrogate gets national attention for deciding she has the right to keep the baby she is carrying for someone else because she does not agree with a decision the intended parents made – you better believe you’re going to hear from me about how totally wrong she is.

And when there’s big talk about regulating the industry in order to protect those pursing surrogacy – I’m going to share with you the harsh truth on why having politicians make decisions on subjects they have no experience with, benefits no one but the lawyers – who will be making a lot of extra money.

My loyalty is to you, my readers, and my goal is to bring you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


Consider this your fair warning: it’s about to get real in here.  I’m rocking the boat. Get your rotten veggies ready to throw. It might just end up hitting the fan.

Ok, now that we’ve discussed the new direction of this site, let’s talk about some of the great changes I’ve made to make your life better –

First, we have a BRAND NEW Classified Ads board! Here you can browse for a surrogate, intended parent, or agency, or place your own ad. Totally free:

Information on Surrogacy Classified Ads

And second, we have a BRAND NEW Facebook Group! Connect with others involved in surrogacy in a drama-free zone.

Surrogacy Connections Facebook Group 


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