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This video of childbirth section shows several child birth videos. Watching a woman giving birth video can help intended parents prepare for seeing their surrogate mother giving birth in a hospital setting. Since this is the first time many intended parents have been in a delivery room, its important to watch these child birth photos to know what will probably happen.

Child birth is messy, intense, and an absolute miracle. It is real. No perfect hair and makeup here! No good manners, or mild personalities. The surrogate mother is simultaneously at her absolute worst while at her absolute best. There is no greater moment in this entire process than the birth of the surrogate baby.

The following child birth videos are extremely graphic and may not be suitable for children.

This video of childbirth collection showcases vaginal births in a hospital setting. They are what intended parents will most likely experience.

As for the surrogate mothers, or those interested in surrogacy, watch these childbirth videos too. Surrogacy is graphic, invasive, and there isn’t much privacy. By watching these childbirth videos, you can see what it is that your intended parents will be seeing, as they watch their babies come into the world.

Video of Child birth

The following child birth photos are medical animations of exactly what happens as a baby is passing through the birth canal. This short video of childbirth is very educational.

Woman Giving Birth Video

This video of childbirth is a graphic vaginal birth in a hospital setting. The woman is laboring and delivering on her back, which is common in hospitals and mandatory with an epidural.

The surrogate mother is the sole decision maker when it comes to receiving medications during labor. If intended parents are wishing to find a surrogate mother who does not intended to have a medically assisted vaginal delivery, then that needs to be something that is thought through during the matching process.

Father Cutting the Cord

This woman giving birth video is also in a hospital setting, like the childbirth videos above. I particularly like the doctor in this video, as he is unimpressed with the process of birth, and seems like he just wants to go to lunch.

The father in this video cuts the cord of his newborn infant, something that many intended parents get to experience in surrogacy.

Quick Vaginal Birth Video

This final video of child birth shows a very quick, and very graphic, vaginal delivery. It is the most clear, quality wise, of the above child birth videos, but is not as personal or meaningful, as there is little more on the video other than the baby actually coming out. Still, its important to see!

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