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Traditional surrogacy, the oldest form of commercial surrogacy, is common in America. For those just starting in their pursuit of information on surrogate pregnancy, it is important to get the facts and decide if obtaining or becoming a traditional surrogate mother is right for your situation.

There are two types of surrogacy in the United States, traditional and gestational surrogacy. There are different reasons to choose each option.

About Traditional Surrogacy

Unlike gestational surrogacy, a traditional surrogate mother is the biological mother of the child she carries.

This surrogate pregnancy is much like any normal pregnancy, without the injections and other medications required of gestational carriers.

When the baby is born, the situation is handled similarly to an adoption, where the traditional carrier will sign over her parental rights to the biological father and intended mother.

How to Become a Traditional Surrogate Mother

The qualifications for traditional surrogacy are similar to those of a gestational carrier, but there are some exceptions.

Because the traditional carrier is the biological mother of the surrogate baby, she is more likely to be chosen for physical characteristics and a strong family history free of hereditary diseases, whereas those things do not matter in a gestational match. A traditional surrogate must also be comfortable with the fact that she is giving up her biological child.

Compensation for Traditional Surrogates

Traditional carriers are compensated for the commercial surrogacy. Compensation varies from arrangement to arrangement, and no two contracts are the same. On average, traditional surrogates are compensated slightly less than their gestational counterparts.

Medications and Procedures

This aspect of a traditional surrogate match differs completely from gestational arrangements.

Instead of going through IVF, a traditional surrogate will undergo AI, artificial insemination, either at a clinic or in her home in order to achieve pregnancy.

It may take several tries, spread out over several months, in order to achieve a surrogate pregnancy.

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A traditional surrogate mother is a very special woman who has found a place in her heart to give another family the ultimate gift: a child born of her own blood. It is not an easy thing to do, and in some ways is much more difficult than what a gestational surrogate goes through. Ultimately, a beautiful child is born to deserving and grateful intended parents.

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