Surrogate Compensation – Expenses in Surrogacy

Surrogate compensation is one of the bigger issues revolving around surrogate motherhood. Is there compensation for surrogacy? How much is a surrogate fee? What other expenses in surrogacy are intended parents required to pay?

Probably the hottest topic in commercial surrogacy, whether we are talking about gestational surrogates, traditional surrogates, or even egg donors, is the issue of compensation for surrogacy.

Most people, whether they are interested in becoming a surrogate mother or intended parent or not, are fascinated by the topic of just how much money a surrogate mother can “make”.

Now, please understand, a surrogate fee should never be equated with a salary.

A surrogate mother is not an employee. And her fees are not wages.

While most women who become surrogates would love to be able to carry a baby for another family for free, it is sometimes just not feasible.

Before we get started talking about the specifics of surrogacy compensation payments, its important that we clear up common misconceptions.

Expenses in Surrogacy: What is Covered

Surrogate fees and various expenses in surrogacy can be quite confusing.

There are many different fees that can be assessed throughout the entire surrogacy journey, and many terms and “what if’s” are unfamiliar to those just beginning their journey.

The following pages should make the idea of compensation in surrogacy much easier to understand.

Methods of Compensation

Each surrogacy arrangement is different, and every surrogate mother receives a different surrogate fee. Even sibling projects made with the same family can vary from one surrogacy journey to another.

Different surrogate mothers and intended parents will view compensation for surrogacy differently. Each partnership needs to find the correct compensation method for their situation. As with all aspects of surrogacy, there is no one-size-fits-all.

How Compensation in Surrogacy Works

After the surrogate fee is agreed upon, and written into the contract, it is important to realize how payments for surrogate compensation and other expenses in surrogacy work. There are as many different methods of sending and receiving payment as there are agreements.

Low Cost Surrogacy

This section on expenses in surrogacy and surrogate compensation may seem quite overwhelming to many intended parents.

The fact of the matter is, surrogacy is quite expensive, and out of financial reach for many would-be parents.

I frequently am asked if there are any ways to make it less expensive, and, there are.

But not all of these methods will work for every set of intended parents.

I hope this information goes a long way towards furthering your understanding of surrogate fees and various expenses in surrogacy. Keep in mind that there is no one set way to do this. These are simply examples of common fees, but your agreement could be different.

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