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Surrogacy resources, such as surrogate mother insurance, DNA testing, commercial surrogacy escrow agents, and more can be found here, on the Information on Surrogacy Surrogate Motherhood Resources page.

These companies are perfect for those going through surrogate motherhood, both as intended parents and surrogate mothers. Please check them out.

Surrogacy Resources Directory

Orchid Cellmark
Medical Discount Card

Orchid Cellmark DNA Testing

DNA Surrogacy Testing
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Orchid Cellmark is one of the largest providers of Human Identity Testing worldwide.

For over 30 years, Orchid has provided millions of customers with genetic results for paternity testing.

Our team has extensive experience in identity analysis including paternity and maternity testing in family, surrogacy, immigration and adoption matters as well as kinship testing in estate disputes.

We have become the leader in DNA testing by offering affordable, high quality DNA testing that is confidential, accredited, fast and reliable.

Orchid has seen an increasing need for DNA testing for surrogacy matters and has a procedure in place just for surrogacy cases.

Once a case is initially started, Orchid will make arrangements for all sample collections, testing and expedition of results. Orchid has experience handling surrogate cases within the United States and in various other countries.

We have an organized network of over 5000 private specimen collection sites both within and outside of the United States. Once all samples have been received in our laboratory, results will typically be completed within 3 business days.

We will generate a paternity report and also a maternity report if needed for an exclusion of the surrogate mother. Please call us at 1-800-DNA-TEST option 1 for additional information on our surrogacy testing.

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Surrogacy Medical Discount Card

Are you a surrogate mother or intended parent using a surrogate mother who has no health insurance?

Or perhaps your surrogate mother has lost her health insurance during the pregnancy?

Since Medicaid is not allowed for surrogate pregnancy, options are few and far between.

The most common two options are to pay for the surrogacy completely in cash, or to use a medical discount card, such as the one offered here on Information on Surrogacy.

This medical discount card is NOT insurance, but can save a substantial cost over the cash method. There is a low monthly fee to use the discount card, and it must be put in the surrogate mother’s name.

This card is only available in select areas in the United States. To see if you are covered, and find out more information, please see:

Surrogacy Medical Discount Card

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