Surrogacy Classifieds – Placing a Classified Ad for a Surrogate Mother or Intended Parents

Welcome to the Information on Surrogacy Classifieds! This surrogate classified ads section is intended to help match surrogates and intended parents and is free for all independent matching!

Agency Represented Ads

All individuals may post an advertisement for free. If you are an agency who would like to post ads on behalf of your clients, you must be a current advertiser in good standing with this website.

Agency Represented Classified Ads

United Kingdom Surrogacy

If you are a set of intended parents in the UK, or if you are a surrogate mother looking for intended parents in the UK, please understand that it is illegal (in the UK) for you to advertise for these services.

If you are looking to conduct a journey within the United Kingdom, instead of using these classified ads to find a match (which is illegal), use them to find a set of intended parents or a surrogate mother for support in your journey. Making a personal contact offline can go a long way towards ultimately finding your perfect match.

In other words, please, post an ad; just word your ad to ask for support, not for a match.

If you are intended parents in the United Kingdom looking to conduct a journey in the United States, this is not a problem.

Safety Issues

When posting or answering surrogacy classified ads, please keep in mind that there is no way to verify the accuracy or ethics of the posters. This is the internet; while most posters and those answering ads are legitimate, there may be individuals on these boards who wish you harm.

Because of this, please be careful when releasing your personal information. Take appropriate safety precautions and use your best judgment when it comes to dealing with others. If you feel something isn’t right, trust your instincts.

Posting Tips

Try to resist the urge to place a classifieds ad for the sake of placing an ad. Take some time and review the following page for tips on how to place an ad that will get results.

Classified Ads Posting Tips

Before reading and answering ads, it is also a good idea to learn what different acronyms mean. This way you will not be confused by someone else’s post.

Surrogacy Acronyms

Disclaimer & Terms of Service

In order to access the classified ads, and/or place an ad, you must agree to the following disclaimer and terms of service.

The information in the advertisements on the following Information on Surrogacy Classified Ads board is posted by individual users, not by this website. Information on Surrogacy does not verify the legitimacy of such ads or posters of ads and takes no legal or financial responsibility for contacts made by users of these forums.

Users are encouraged to seek legal and professional advice before entering into any arrangement. Information on Surrogacy does not screen users in any way. Discretion is advised.

Information on Surrogacy has the sole right to delete or reject any classified ad at any time, for any reason. Personal information collected by those placing ads may be released to the proper authorities if complaints or legal action arise.

Users who post or respond to ads placed hereby take full responsibility for their own postings and actions. Those who use these classified ads do so at their own risk.

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