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IVF costs can be a stressful part of planning gestational surrogacy. So many unknowns are up in the air; will the surrogate get pregnant the first time? Will donor eggs be used? Is there any hope of financing IVF? Read on to learn the best way to manage these unknowns.

One of the questions I receive most frequently in the Ask a Surrogate forums is “How much will gestational surrogacy cost?” Unfortunately, there is really no cut and dry answer to this question, as there are so many individual variables.

One thing I always point out is that while some surrogate mothers will get pregnant with the first IVF cycle, most will not, and it will take multiple cycles to attain success.

And that can be a huge variable, cost wise.

IVF costs vary across the country, and repeat cycles can get quite expensive.

But there is a solution, and they do work with intended parents who have chosen gestational surrogacy as their option.

The Attain IVF program provides multiple IVF cycles for one single flat fee.

This helps to keep IVF costs affordable so that intended parents can increase their chances of success with their surrogate mother. The Attain IVF program works with doctors and clinics nationwide.

Three separate programs are offered to intended parents:

Attain IVF Multi-Cycle:
Up to (4) IVF cycles (2 fresh, 2 frozen) for those who plan to use the intended mother’s eggs.

Attain IVF Refund:
Up to (6) IVF cycles (3 fresh, 3 frozen) for surrogates who meet certain medical criteria (which they would probably have to meet in order to be surrogates anyways). This comes with a 70% refund if the IVF cycles are unsuccessful. 75% of all patients become pregnant in this program.

Please note: there are no separate records for a percentage of patients who are gestational surrogates becoming pregnant; they are included with the regular results.

Attain IVF Donor Egg Program:
Up to (3) fresh and unlimited frozen IVF cycles. This program is available to help with IVF costs to most women using donor eggs. A refund of up to 100% is provided if transfers are unsuccessful.

In addition to helping keep IVF costs low, Attain IVF can help guide intended parents towardsfinancing IVFwith a fertility loan. This can be a huge help to many couples on a strict budget, and is yet another question I receive frequently from prospective intended parents: How can we afford surrogacy?

If you are considering gestational surrogacy, please take a few moments to go to this website and fill out the form so that you can get more information. It’s totally free, and will help you make the best decision for your situation.

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