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Finding a Surrogate Mother in California

International surrogacy is common in the United States. With unfriendly surrogacy laws in various countries, more and more intended parents are looking to America, specifically California, for finding a surrogate mother.

Learn how to overcome surrogacy issues and achieve surrogate pregnancy in the states.

On a personal note, I have been an American surrogate mother for an international couple twice.

In my case, the intended parents were from the United Kingdom, though international surrogacy arrangements are made between American surrogates and intended parents from a variety of countries including: Australia, Argentina, most European nations, Canada, Jamaica, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and Taiwan, to name a few.

International Surrogacy

In many parts of the world, surrogacy is difficult or illegal. Not all governments have recognized the importance of surrogate pregnancy, and intended parents world-wide often run into difficulty when finding a surrogate mother.

Europe surrogacy and Australia surrogacy in particular can be difficult to achieve on home soil. But there is a solution. Many international intended parents turn to surrogate friendly California. Of all the US states, California boasts not only the most surrogate pregnancies, but the most friendly laws.

Its no wonder then that California is a great place for international surrogacy. The state of California recognizes that a gestational surrogate mother has no legal right to the child she carries; this is extremely important as many countries do not see this issue the same way.

For those who can afford it, international surrogacy arrangements may be the best solution to starting a family.

Surrogacy Issues

Though California is the best place to go when finding a surrogate mother for international surrogacy, it is highly recommended that international intended parents do not go down this road alone. You’ll need a great surrogacy attorney and a knowledgeable agency to help facilitate the process and make sure everything is legal.

In addition to the standard surrogacy contract and birth certificates, a good internationally experienced surrogacy lawyer can assist with passports and immigration issues when it comes time to bring the baby home.

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