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Surrogate Agency List – Directory of Surrogacy AgenciesA surrogate agency is very important when finding a surrogate mother or learning how to become a surrogate mother. There are many surrogacy agencies throughout the world, ready to assist US and International intended parents. Here are a few that Information on Surrogacy recommends.Continue reading “Surrogate Agency List – Directory of Surrogacy Agencies”Surrogacy Advertising – Advertise Your Agency on Information on SurrogacySurrogacy advertising options are available on Information on Surrogacy. Do you own or represent a surrogacy agency that works with American (or international) intended parents or surrogate mothers? Are you looking for surrogacy agency advertising to gain additional clients? Let the traffic Information on Surrogacy gets assist you with advertising a surrogacy agency.Continue reading “Surrogacy Advertising – Advertise Your Agency on Information on Surrogacy”Egg Donor Agency Directory – List of Egg Donation AgenciesAn egg donor agency is a very good ally for many who choose gestational surrogacy. Often, in addition to a gestational surrogate mother, egg donation is needed as well. Having a qualified egg donation agency is a great way to find the egg donor profile that fits for your situation.Continue reading “Egg Donor Agency Directory – List of Egg Donation Agencies”Surrogate Babies – Profile of Rayven PerkinsI’ve delivered four surrogate babies as a surrogate mother. Learn all about me and my surrogate pregnancy journey here.Continue reading “Surrogate Babies – Profile of Rayven Perkins”Selective Reduction and Abortion for Genetic DefectsAmongst some of the hot topics in the world of commercial surrogacy, two that pop up often are selective reduction and abortion.Continue reading “Selective Reduction and Abortion for Genetic Defects”IVF Due Date Calculator – Calculating Conception DateAn IVF due date calculator is a tool that can be used to quickly estimate the date that your baby may be born. In the case of a gestational surrogate arrangement, you will need a gestational calculator.Continue reading “IVF Due Date Calculator – Calculating Conception Date”Timeline of Fetal Development – Fetal Development Week by WeekThis timeline of fetal development will give you a good idea of how your baby is progressing throughout the pregnancyContinue reading “Timeline of Fetal Development – Fetal Development Week by Week”Surrogate PregnancyThe surrogate pregnancy is similar to a typical pregnancy, with a few distinct differences. Learn all about surrogate babies and the first, second and third trimester of commercial surrogacy, which starts when you hear the words: frozen embryo transfer success.Continue reading “Surrogate Pregnancy”Surrogacy Relationships – The Relationship Between a Surrogate Mother and Intended ParentsSurrogacy relationships require excellent communication and empathy on both sides. The intended parents need empathy for the woman entering surrogate motherhood, but naturally have a lot of worries and questions regarding the pregnancy.Continue reading “Surrogacy Relationships – The Relationship Between a Surrogate Mother and Intended Parents”Miscarriage and Chemical PregnanciesReasons for miscarriage and chemical pregnancies are something that are often never identifiedContinue reading “Miscarriage and Chemical Pregnancies”Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain – A Guide to SurrogacyHealthy pregnancy weight gain depends on a variety of factors, including your weight at the time you became pregnant and how many babies you are carryingContinue reading “Healthy Pregnancy Weight Gain – A Guide to Surrogacy”Dilation and Curettage ProcedureDilation and curettage is a procedure that a gestational surrogate may find herself having to consider.Continue reading “Dilation and Curettage Procedure”Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy – A Surrogate Mother’s GuideDiet and nutrition during pregnancy require wise choices for a surrogate mother. Are you prepared to make wise decisions regarding diet in pregnancy? Do you currently enjoy foods that could be harmful to a developing baby?Continue reading “Diet and Nutrition During Pregnancy – A Surrogate Mother’s Guide”Blighted OvumA blighted ovum is one of the surrogacy issues that one may have to deal with. A blighted ovum is actually a fairly common occurrence after In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatments.Continue reading “Blighted Ovum”Ask a SurrogateHave questions about gestational surrogacy and need a solid answer? Feel free to ask a surrogate and get your question answered right away!Continue reading “Ask a Surrogate”Surrogate Resources: Help with Surrogacy IssuesSurrogate resources are an important part of the Information on Surrogacy website. Here you will find info on how to become a surrogate mother or intended parents, as well as information on surrogate motherhood and surrogacy issues. Read books on surrogacy, find surrogacy support groups, and even see some great surrogacy t-shirts.Continue reading “Surrogate Resources: Help with Surrogacy Issues”DisclosureContinue reading “Disclosure”Privacy Policy for Information on SurrogacyPrivacy policy for Information on SurrogacyContinue reading “Privacy Policy for Information on Surrogacy”Child Birth Stories – Information on Surrogacy Birth Stories GalleryShare your child birth stories here in our Birth Story Gallery. These stories can be from a surrogate motherhood point of view, or from intended parents. Not involved in surrogacy, or just thinking about it? Please post your stories here too! We’d love to hear them.Continue reading “Child Birth Stories – Information on Surrogacy Birth Stories Gallery”Infertility Success Story – Share Your Stories or Read OthersInfertility success story inspiration! Whether you have decided on surrogate motherhood or you have conquered infertility to become pregnant on your own, read and take inspiration from these pregnancy stories from moms who have been-there, done-that, and lived to tell the tale!Continue reading “Infertility Success Story – Share Your Stories or Read Others”Surrogacy CommunityThe surrogacy community is made up of individuals in all walks of life. Luckily, there are several writers among us! Learn tips on surrogate motherhood from those who have actually walked in these shoes. Book reviews included.Continue reading “Surrogacy Community”Surrogacy BlogsSurrogacy blogs are a great way to hear stories from intended parents as well as surrogate mothers. This list will also help you get the facts and helpfulness you will need before, during, and after your surrogate motherhood journey.Continue reading “Surrogacy Blogs”Surrogacy Information Contact PageSurrogacy Information; contact page for information on surrogacy and Rayven Perkins, two time gestational surrogate.Continue reading “Surrogacy Information Contact Page”My Surrogacy Nightmare: A True Risks of Surrogate Motherhood StoryMy surrogacy nightmare, or what could have turned out to be a really bad surrogate mother journey, is documented here for all intended parents and potential surrogate mothers to learn from. Find out the risks of surrogacy and how having the right lawyer can save you from a potentially disastrous contract.Continue reading “My Surrogacy Nightmare: A True Risks of Surrogate Motherhood Story”Donating Breast MilkDonating breast milk is an excellent option for surrogate mothers who wish to pump, but do not have intended parents that want their breast milk donation. There are breast milk banks and individuals across the country who are in desperate need of quality breast milk.Continue reading “Donating Breast Milk”Drying Up Breast MilkDrying up breast milk is very important, especially to those surrogate mothers who have decided not to pump and ship milk to intended parents. Follow these tips when you are producing breastmilk but wish to have a lack of breast milk.Continue reading “Drying Up Breast Milk”Increasing Breast Milk SupplyIncreasing breast milk supply is a concern of many surrogate mothers who choose to pump milk for their surrogate babies. It can be difficult increasing breast milk production when you are pumping exclusively. Here are some tips on how to produce breast milk for a surrogate baby.Continue reading “Increasing Breast Milk Supply”Shipping Breast Milk to Intended ParentsShipping breast milk is common in surrogacy when the intended parents and the surrogate mother do not live close to one another. Here are some tips on breast milk storage containers, properly storing breast milk, and how to thaw frozen breast milk for consumption.Continue reading “Shipping Breast Milk to Intended Parents”Breast Milk ExpressionBreast milk expression is important for surros who wish to donate breastmilk for their surrogate babies. Many intended parents desire to start bottle feeding breastmilk. Some surrogates have trouble pumping.Continue reading “Breast Milk Expression”Breast Milk SurrogateA breast milk surrogate is quite literally, a lactating mother who pumps breastmilk for a child that is not her own. There are many breastmilk stories by surrogate mothers who help intended parents.Continue reading “Breast Milk Surrogate”Natural Birth Videos – Water ChildbirthThe following natural birth videos are great examples of water childbirth. These home birth video clips show all intended parents and surrogate mothers what to expect from a water delivery. Watch these mother giving birth video clips to learn what options you may have with your surrogacy journey.Continue reading “Natural Birth Videos – Water Childbirth”Cesarean Birth Video ClipsThis cesarean birth video section is intended to help all intended parents and surrogate mothers understand what will be happening with a cesarean section procedure. Whether it is an elective c section or an emergency c section delivery, watch the following c section video clips to prepare for the birth of surrogate babies.Continue reading “Cesarean Birth Video Clips”Video of Childbirth: Prepare for your Surrogacy JourneyThis video of childbirth section shows several child birth videos. Watching a woman giving birth video can help intended parents prepare for seeing their surrogate mother giving birth in a hospital setting. Since this is the first time many intended parents have been in a delivery room, its important to watch these child birth photos to know what will probably happen. WARNING: GRAPHICContinue reading “Video of Childbirth: Prepare for your Surrogacy Journey”Surrogacy Gifts: Surrogate Mom Gifts and Intended Parent PresentsIt is common to give surrogacy gifts to both surrogate mothers as well as intended parents. (And don’t forget the surrogate babies!) From gift baskets and surrogacy t-shirts to commemorative trees and Kodak photo books, learn all about the custom of gift-giving as it applies to surrogate mom gifts and surrogacy in general.Continue reading “Surrogacy Gifts: Surrogate Mom Gifts and Intended Parent Presents”Maternity Card Discount ProgramA good maternity card discount program can be worth it’s weight in gold, especially to those already pregnant. If you are involved in a surrogate pregnancy and have just found out that pregnancy health care is going to cost you more than you expected, read on to learn how to lower those bills, especially if your surrogate health insurance plan went awry.Continue reading “Maternity Card Discount Program”State Funded SurrogacyState funded surrogacy, the act of using income-qualified resources to pay for a surrogate pregnancy, is ethically wrong and considered fraud. Learn why intended parents should seek legal surrogate insurance coverage for pregnancy health care.Continue reading “State Funded Surrogacy”Surrogacy Insurance MythsSurrogacy insurance myths are plentiful these days. If you are planning a surrogate pregnancy, look over this list of pregnancy health care related untruths to make sure you are properly informed before you get started. Sometimes you may be better off obtaining surrogate insurance coverage.Continue reading “Surrogacy Insurance Myths”Obtaining Surrogacy InsuranceSurrogacy insurance, aka pregnancy health care, is an integral part to the surrogacy process. There are several methods to obtaining and using surrogate insurance coverage. Read on to learn which is best for your surrogate pregnancy.Continue reading “Obtaining Surrogacy Insurance”Surrogate Health InsuranceThe issue of surrogate health insurance is not to be taken lightly. Under most circumstances, the pregnancy health care she receives during a surrogate pregnancy is covered by her own personal policy. Sometimes, surrogate insurance coverage will need to be obtained.Continue reading “Surrogate Health Insurance”Bad Surrogacy JourneysBad surrogacy journeys do exist. Although it would be nice to think that all surrogate journeys are perfect, the truth of the matter is that there can be problems with surrogate motherhood. Sometimes, a surrogacy lawyer can help with issues with surrogate pregnancy.Continue reading “Bad Surrogacy Journeys”The Surrogate Process of Ending a ContractThe surrogate process of ending the contract is an important surrogacy issue. Discussions on how to conclude the commercial surrogacy agreement must be made prior to a surrogate pregnancy.Continue reading “The Surrogate Process of Ending a Contract”Surrogate Costs and Fees in a Surrogacy ContractSurrogate costs are one of the larger expenses in commercial surrogacy. These surrogacy issues need to be put into a surrogate pregnancy contract.Continue reading “Surrogate Costs and Fees in a Surrogacy Contract”Surrogate Mothering Privacy IssuesPrivacy is extremely important in surrogate mothering. These surrogacy issues need to be discussed in advance of the surrogate pregnancy, and may be included in the commercial surrogacy contract, depending on the situation.Continue reading “Surrogate Mothering Privacy Issues”Contact During the Surrogate JourneyContact during the surrogate journey is one of the big surrogacy issues and needs to be discussed in advance. Some commercial surrogacy contracts include details of contact during and after the surrogate pregnancy.Continue reading “Contact During the Surrogate Journey”Buying Breast Milk Myths to Include in a Surrogacy AgreementBuying breast milk is not something that is done in commercial surrogacy, though the donation of breastmilk may be covered in a surrogacy arrangement. Learn about surrogacy issues surrounding breast milk with surrogate pregnancy.Continue reading “Buying Breast Milk Myths to Include in a Surrogacy Agreement”Elective C Section and Scheduled Induction in SurrogacyElective C Section plans and scheduled inductions are very common in commercial surrogacy. These surrogacy issues should be discussed in advance of the surrogate pregnancy, while in the contract stage.Continue reading “Elective C Section and Scheduled Induction in Surrogacy”Best Surrogacy – Including or Deleting Common Sense ClausesThe best surrogacy is the one where allissues, no matter how common sense, are addressed in advance of a surrogate pregnancy. Learn about these common, but sometimes touchy, inclusions in an agreement.Continue reading “Best Surrogacy – Including or Deleting Common Sense Clauses”Invasive Procedure Issues for Surrogacy ContractsInvasive procedure issues in a surrogate pregnancy are very commonly included in a contract. Go over these surrogacy issues prior to signing, to make sure that your commercial surrogacy agreement is complete.Continue reading “Invasive Procedure Issues for Surrogacy Contracts”Selective Reduction Issues in a Surrogacy ContractSelective reduction issues and abortion issues are hot topics in the world of surrogacy. Often, these topics are pushed to the side and not even discussed until the surrogate pregnancy has begun. It is extremely important that these surrogacy issues are worked through and placed into an agreement.Continue reading “Selective Reduction Issues in a Surrogacy Contract”