Information on In Vitro Fertilization – Details of IVF Procedures

Information on in vitro fertilization and how it pertains to commercial surrogacy can be found here. Get details of IVF procedures and accomplishing surrogate pregnancy.

If you have decided that gestational surrogacy is the right path for you, then you will soon become intimately involved with details of IVF procedures.

From choosing a clinic to undergoing an IVF transfer, this pathway to surrogate pregnancy is arguably the most important part of the entire surrogacy journey.

Information on In Vitro Fertilization

As you begin this journey, it’s important to know a little bit about what you are getting into.

IVF, In-vitro Fertilization, can be a confusing process.

Luckily, many others have traveled in your shoes before, and can help guide you on your way!

Please note: This site is not intended to provide medical advice. It is information only. Please consult your doctor before you begin any medical process.

Here is some information on in vitro fertilization to get you started.

  • What is IVF?
  • How Egg Retrievals Work
  • Medications for an Egg Retrieval
  • Using an Egg Donor

About IVF Clinics

There are many different IVF clinics in the United States, and many different ways and reasons to choose one. Some people will choose a clinic based on its proximity to them or their surrogate, while others will seek out a clinic that is known for its success rates.

After a clinic is selected, and the process begins, the experience can range from frustratingly slow to chaotically rapid, depending on how close you are to transfer day.

  • How to Find an IVF Clinic
  • Working with a Clinic: Intended Parents
  • Working with a Clinic: Surrogates

The Transfer

As your journey progresses, you will come to the most important part: the IVF Transfer. This is when the completed embryos will be transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother.

Each clinic will have different methods of completing this task; and each commercial surrogacy journey will vary. Some IVF transfers will result in a singleton surrogate pregnancy, some will result in multiples such as twins or triplets, and still others will result in no pregnancy at all.

The IVF process is a whirlwind of activity. Working with clinics and receiving daily injections can take its toll on you, but in the end it is all worth it. Hopefully this IVF section has helped you to understand what to expect.

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