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Whether you have decided on surrogate motherhood or you have conquered infertility to become pregnant on your own, read and take inspiration from these pregnancy stories from moms who have been-there, done-that, and lived to tell the tale!

All infertility stories are welcome here, even those which ended in adoption, egg donation, or commercial surrogacy.

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Here is one infertility story from another viewer:

My Infertility Story

According to my doctor, I am going to have a hard time getting pregnant. This is because I have scar tissue in my fallopian tubes from endometriosis which causes painful menstrual cycles and issues with fertility.

I was unaware of this until just a couple years ago, though.

When I was 18, I started taking birth control pills.

I had painful, irregular and very heavy menstrual cycles before then and the doctor thought that birth control might help with those issues.

Initially it did help to curb some of the symptoms but after about a year, things got worse than they had ever been before. My doctor prescribed me to a different kind of birth control pill but that also had no effect on the symptoms so I stopped taking it altogether.

After trying other methods of birth control that we didn’t like (besides the pill), my husband and I decided that if I were to get pregnant that it would be fine so we stopped using birth control. However, by a year later, I had not gotten pregnant.

My husband thought that he could be sterile but he was tested and he is not. However, we have both been consistent with medical care and fairly active all our lives so we knew there were no other major issues to be battled.

So, thinking that something have been overlooked, I went to a different doctor for my annual check up and she was shocked and appalled that nobody had ever diagnosed me with endometriosis before then.

With the diagnosis, I was able to understand why my period got progressively worse over time. However, I also learned that I have scar tissue in my uterus and fallopian tubes and that it will be hard for me to get pregnant.

Since I am only 25 now, my husband and I have decided that we will continue trying to get pregnant for another 5 years. We are hopeful that it will be enough time (and enough attempts) for us to conceive.

However, since endometriosis is a progressive condition and I will be getting older, we have also decided that if by the end of 5 years we have not had a child that we will most likely adopt. I am sure that there are women out there who have had similar experiences, or experiences much worse than mine.

I am lucky in some sense that I have not conceived and then lost a child, which many women do. The only advice that I could give to a woman who wants to have children is to keep trying, do your research, and know your options. There are many ways to be a parent and they are all valuable and beautiful.

As you can see, your infertility success story doesn’t have to have an ending to it. Sometimes its just nice to share what you are going through with others. Fill out the following form to share your story, or scroll down to find more stories written by other viewers.

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