Pros and Cons to Independent Surrogacy

When making the choice to enter into a surrogacy relationship (either as a surrogate mother or an intended parent), one critical decision you will have to make is whether to conduct your surrogacy matching through an agency or whether to do so through independent matching. Surrogacy matching is a very important step in this process and should not be taken lightly. Read on to learn about some of the pros and cons of independent surrogacy arrangements.

Independent Matching Pro #1: It is free
Unlike the high costs of surrogacy agencies, independent surrogacy arrangements can be made for free. Many intended parents choose this method for that reason alone.

Independent Matching Pro #2: You can find traditional surrogates
A traditional surrogate is one that becomes pregnant via artificial insemination as opposed to IVF treatments. Most agencies will only work with those who do IVF treatments, so if your preference is to work with a traditional surrogate mother, perhaps independent surrogacy arrangements are the best option for you.

Independent Matching Pro #3:  Compensation is negotiable
With many agencies, their compensation rules may be strict. This does not allow for any compromises to be made between the surrogate mother and the intended parents. If the ability to negotiate your contract is important to you, independent matching is probably going to be the better option.

Independent Matching Pro #4: There aren’t any rules set in stone
With surrogacy agencies, they may have other strict rules concerning age, weight, and other characteristics of the surrogate mother. If, however, these things are of little concern to you and want a larger pool of potential surrogate mothers to choose from, the independent route would be best.

Independent Matching Con #1: There would be no escrow agent
In independent surrogacy arrangements, there is not going to be a third party that handles all financial transactions. This can be risky business and open yourself up to possible legal disputes. Without a surrogacy agency, you will have to find a third party do serve in this role.

Independent Matching Con #2: You will have to conduct your own background check
While this is a part of the services provided by surrogacy agencies, if you go the independent route, you will have to procure a background check yourself. Either that or forego one altogether (which is not recommended).

Independent Matching Con #3: You will need to set p all appointments and travel arrangements
Whereas a surrogacy agency would handle all of this (something that is of great benefit to first-timers) if you go the independent route, you will be left to make all of these arrangements on your own, which can be stressful and overwhelming.

No two surrogacy journeys will be the same. Therefore, there is no right or wrong answer as to which option would be best for you. It simply boils down to what is best for you.

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