Independent Surrogacy – How to Become a Surrogate without Surrogacy Agencies

Independent surrogacy matching is quite common in the surrogacy community. If you are looking into how to become a surrogate mother, or are looking to find a surrogate mother, and are not interested in hiring surrogacy agencies to assist with surrogacy issues, matching independently might be the right option for you.

For many intended parents, going through a surrogate agency to find a traditional or gestational surrogate mother might prove to be too expensive.

Intended parents pay for so much in surrogacy, from lawyers and court costs to IVF clinics and medications, that when you add in the cost of surrogacy agencies just to find a surrogate, they may feel that surrogacy is not a financial option to start a family.

But the truth is, a surrogate agency is not a mandatory part of the surrogacy process.

Intended parents and potential surrogate mothers looking into how to become a surrogate might choose independent surrogacy rather than going through surrogacy agencies.

Independent Surrogacy

What is independent surrogacy?

An independent match is a surrogacy match where the intended parents and the surrogate mother choose to find each other through an avenue other than an agency.

This can be through past relationships such as family and friends, through word of mouth, through an online message board, or even through a surrogacy attorney.

Consider independent matching if you:

  • Cannot afford an agency
  • Already have a surrogacy match
  • Are using a relative or friend as a surrogate mother
  • Have been through a surrogacy journey before
  • Have done extensive research on surrogacy
  • Are doing a sibling project
  • Would prefer not to have a third party arrange things
  • Feel comfortable finding your own match

Independent surrogacy is generally free, and can take quite a bit of money off the cost of a surrogacy. Many surrogate mothers and intended parents will match through an agency for a first surrogate journey, but may decide to do a sibling project without going through the agency.

Be careful, as some agencies have rules against this written into their contracts.

A Surrogate’s Words:

“For my first surrogacy journey, I went through an agency and found a wonderful set of intended parents. Our journey together was flawless. We got pregnant with the first transfer, delivered full term healthy babies, and it was such a beautiful arrangement. We communicated well with one another, and only really used the agency, past matching, for sending the compensation checks, not for any real surrogacy issues.

Once the babies were born, we decided we wanted to do one more journey together. This time, we decided not to use the agency, and the intended parents paid for any reimbursements and compensation directly. Since we had already completed a journey together, we decided not to bother with an escrow agent at all. And since they saved the cost of the agency the second time, the intended parents used that savings and increased my compensation.

The situation worked out well for us all, and in total, three healthy, full-term babies were born to loving parents via surrogacy.”

Independent arrangements are very good options for a number of surrogates and intended parents.

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