Finding a Surrogate in Independent Surrogacy – Surrogate Mother Wanted

Finding a surrogate mother (or intended parents) may be the most challenging task faced in independent surrogacy. Learn how to overcome these surrogacy issues and place surrogate mother wanted ads. Find out how to get matched in commerical surrogacy without an agency.

Previous Relationship Matching

Many independent surrogacy relationships are based on a previous relationship between the intended parents and their surrogate mother.

Finding a surrogate match can be as easy as sisters helping sisters, mothers helping sons, or best friends helping one another.

This kind of match is wonderful in that it can be built on a long standing trust between the parties, reducing some surrogacy issues.

It can also happen, however, that either the surrogate or the intended parents may feel as though they are being taken advantage of as the journey progresses. This can cause a problem with their preexisting relationship if not addressed well.

Word of Mouth Matching

A lot in this world is determined by fate. It is not uncommon to find an independent surrogacy match by talking to family and friends about your desire to become a surrogate or to find a surrogate mother.

Infertility affects many more people than we realize, and sometimes matches are made in the strangest spots. There have been stories about women who causally mention at work that they have made this decision, and a co-worker just happens to be looking for a surrogate or looking to become a surrogate mother.

Word-of-mouth can make independent surrogacy matching happen in the oddest places. Keep in mind that you may also find a potential match by talking with other surrogate mothers or intended parents in your area. Many know of people looking into surrogacy. Network locally.

Information on Surrogacy Classified Boards

Probably the most common way to find an independent match in commercial surrogacy is by placing a surrogate mother wanted ad or answering a surrogate mother wanted ad on an online classifieds message board.

This is the most effective way to find a commerical surrogacy match.

Another online method of finding a surrogate or intended parents is by joining a surrogacy related yahoo group.

There are multiple groups out there and you should be able to find one for your state or local area.

Surrogacy Lawyers

Some intended parents and surrogates get matched in commercial surrogacy through their lawyer. Many surrogacy attorneys have a group of surrogates that they work with or know of intended parents that are in need of finding a surrogate mother.

Find a local surrogacy attorney and ask them if they have anyone that is in need of a match.

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