I often have visitors wonder how it is that I am able to provide a website of this size for free to my viewers, and how this site is supported. This page is to clear up any confusion you may have experienced regarding this issue.

First, understand that this site is free. There is never a charge to access any information on Information on Surrogacy, and I am not compensated for writing any of the information on this website. I am a one woman operation and I am not paid in any way by any advertiser to write about their product or service.

How the Site Makes Money

This site does, however, make money. It does this in several ways. First, understand that each page written on this site is carefully researched and drawn on my own personal experience with a subject, or that of a trusted source.

After the page is written, in some cases a value-added affiliate program will be implemented. An affiliate program will show up along side or within the text as a recommendation for a product or service. If a visitor clicks on the affiliate link, Information on Surrogacy may be compensated monetarily for a visitor either requesting information or making a purchase.

Information on Surrogacy carefully implements affiliate programs. All products or companies recommended on this site have been purchased/experienced by me, or those I trust, and are not added to any page simply to generate sales. That is not (nor has it ever been) the intent of this website.

One example of an affiliate program is the sale of surrogacy related t-shirts and accessories at CafePress.com. Information on Surrogacy hired a graphic designer to create the graphics, and recieves a small commission for each item that sells through CafePress.

In addition to affiliate programs, Information on Surrogacy participates in the Google ads program. This is the program where Google will place advertising on this site, in various areas, designated by the notation “ads by Google”. Information on Surrogacy may receive compensation from Google in the event that a visitor clicks on an ad. Information on Surrogacy does not have control over the ads displayed by Google on this website.

Finally, Information on Surrogacy receives financial support from agencies, attorneys, and others in the surrogacy community by participation in paid sponsor banners and links. These banners can be found in the right and left columns along the sides of the pages on Information on Surrogacy, as well as to the top and bottom of the pages. Additionally, these sponsors are advertised on this page: Surrogate Agency Directory

Surrogacy agencies also have the ability to advertise in our classifieds section for a fee. This service is totally free to individuals. Further information about the advertising opportunities on Information on Surrogacy can be found here: Information on Surrogacy Advertising

As you can see, as a visitor, you help to support this site whether you realize it or not, and I thank you. Without your visits, this site would not be possible.

Thank you,

Rayven Perkins