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Confirmed Surrogacy Match. Join Rayven Perkins’s Gestational Surrogacy Video Diary as she describes becoming confirmed with her fourth and final surrogacy journey. Learn about the matching-only role the agency took, and what that means for the gestational surrogate mother and intended parents.

Transcript of Confirmed Surrogacy Match

Hi Rayven Perkins here,and I’d like to welcome you back to the next installment of my surrogacy video diaries.

Today I can say that our match has been officially confirmed. My agency emailed me this morning and let me know that Rachel and John would like to work with me for my fourth and final surrogacy journey. Now, normally at this point, the agency would take over and would start making the appointments for me to get any required testing done that the clinic needs, and for me to get in contact with a lawyer.

However, in this case, the agency has only matched us. The agency is not planning on doing any sort of facilitating throughout the entire journey. That’s going to up to Rachel, John and myself. Well, because I’m the one that’s been surrogate four times and this is their first journey in surrogacy, it’s pretty much up to me to do most of the leg work and bring the information back to Rachel and John.

That means that I’m going to be responsible for finding appropriate lawyers that meet their expectations for setting up escrow, and for getting any testing the clinic might need done. Luckily, we have decided to go with the clinic that I have used for the past three journeys which makes me very happy because not only do I have all my testing done, they have all my records already. Also I’ve had a great success rate with that clinic and it makes me feel very comfortable that I’m going to be seeing the same doctor that I have these last three journeys. And I hope that the results are the same.

So at this point we’re all excited and we’re looking forward to getting started. And I’ll let you know how it goes.

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