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Here is one of the child birth stories contributed by a reader:

My First Child

Finally I was pregnant, after trying for 5 years. The pregnancy was wonderful; nothing could have spoiled my joy at being pregnant with a long hoped for baby.

I worked right up until two days prior to her arrival.

I had a busy day, packing the contents of a vacation home that we had just sold and had driven back to my home.

When I got home I thought I had wet myself, because I was bursting to go to the toilet.

I changed and shook it off. Half an hour later I had the same sensation, I had wet myself again, I was puzzled. My husband arrived home and I told him about my day, and mentioned my accidents.

He wanted me to call my mother; I wasn’t due for another five weeks. So, I called my mother and we had a chit chat and I mentioned the accidents to her too. Mom asked to speak to my husband and she calmly informed him that my water had broken and that I needed to go straight to the hospital.

I called the hospital and they agreed that I should go directly to them. I argued that I was in the middle of cooking dinner, could it wait? They assured me no!

All the books I had read throughout the pregnancy and still I was clueless, I guess that I didn’t think this day would really arrive. I had some treatments to get pregnant and was under the care of a specialist and I had to travel far to the hospital where she practiced, so it was an exciting journey.

When I arrived the nurse asked my where my bag was, I replied that it was in the car, she laughed and said, “well you are going to need it, because this baby is on its way and will be here tonight”! I was shocked and excited and nervous.

I had what the doctor called a “cherished child” for that reason; we had elected to have a c-section. The race was on to get me into the operating room before contractions began. I had general anesthetic and the next thing I knew I was in recovery.

My daughter weighed 5 1/2 lbs and was perfect. So far everything had been a breeze, the pregnancy, the hospital, the surgery, no pain, no anxiety, no problem. What’s all the fuss about, I thought, having a baby is easy!

Post surgery was a very different story, it was so painful, it was hard to sit up and the anesthesia had given me a cough, which hurt so much with every little cough that I tried to stifle. Baby was so tiny; she slept most of the time and was fed by the nurses.

When my milk finally arrived after 2 days I was so engorged the poor tiny baby couldn’t get near me to latch on. I had a number of midwives and nurses and pulling me around to try and get this tiny wee baby latched on a breast the size of a watermelon.

My doctor ordered a poultice for my wound, which was really relaxing and suppositories for my pain, at the five day mark I was feeling much better, baby was feeding and I got out of bed for the first time.

I have never looked back; my pain arrived after the birth, so I am even with all the moms who do go through hours and hours of labor. Nature always wins!

Add your child birth stories to the list below or read what other visitors have contributed to the Birth Story Gallery. Every birth is quite different! No two are the same.

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