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Go to your local drug store or even to Target or Walmart and you will be paying $9-13 for a single at home pregnancy test!

It’s insane!

And as any experienced surrogate mother will tell you, going through the two week wait means dozens and dozens of top pregnancy tests.

This type of behavior is quite common in surrogacy.

After all the time spent in contracts, all the meds taken in preparation for the transfer, the travel and the transfer itself, it is very hard to stay patient while waiting to see if it all worked.

But buying dozens of pregnancy tests at your local Walgreens can eat you out of house and home.

Here is a typical scenario about the compulsion of testing often:

It’s 3 days after the transfer!

Even though she know the tests will come back negative, a surrogate mother takes a home pregnancy test five times that day. Negative. But then, she expected that.

The next day, the surrogate takes seven at home pregnancy tests, even taking one in the middle of the night, just to be sure. Negative.

Five days after the transfer she wakes up at 6am to make sure she gets the most concentrated urine to pee on the stick. She anxiously waits the required three minutes and sees …”the surrogate line”.

This extremely faint line, so faint that a surrogate’s spouse and children cannot detect it, so faint that a doctor cannot detect it, tells a surrogate she is pregnant.

So then the compulsive POAS (Pee on a Stick) obsession gets worse!

She takes a picture of the first positive test, and then takes another dozen tests that day, and another dozen photos. Each has a slightly darker (to the surrogate anyway) positive line.

By the next day, and after another dozen tests, the surrogate’s husband can see the line, verifying that she isn’t crazy. The day following that even her children can see it!

Time to tell the intended parents! She sends them a series of pictures of all the positive pregnancy tests, with lines that progressively get darker.

After all this hullabaloo and commotion, it finally dawns on the surrogate that she got a positive line 5 days after the transfer. That’s awful early!

Could it be twins??

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