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Ask a surrogate here! If you have a surrogacy related question feel free to use this form to ask away! You can also read the surrogacy questions asked by other viewers, and the answers to them. This is a great way to learn about surrogacy; remember, research is extremely important before embarking on a journey!


Please note: If your surrogacy question has been asked and answered multiple times, it will not be published. Please take a few moments to look over the questions and answers to see if your question is there. Also, I do not answer “how much will it cost” questions, or those that do not pertain to surrogacy (questions about same sex relationships where one woman carries her partner’s child are not surrogacy related; if you are carrying your own child, it has nothing to do with surrogacy.)

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How old do you have to be to become a surrogate mother?
i will be 16 soon and im very healthy. i need the money for college, im going to Italy for medical school. Reply by Rayven Hi Samii, You are …

Is South Dakota Surrogacy Friendly?
I would like to become a surrogate and I was wondering if anyone knows if South Dakota allows surrogacy. I’ve looked everywhere and cant seem to find an …

surrogacy in ireland
Is it possible to find a surrogate mother in Ireland? I would be interested in finding a woman who would do it. do you know anyone who has done it in Ireland …

hi im a single man who wants a baby is it posible to do surrogacy?
hi im a single man who wants a baby what age do you have to be and do i have to have a partner Reply by Rayven Alexander, Laws regarding …

Age Limit on Being a Surrogate Mother
Is there age limit to be a surrgant? I have visited a practice in Ohio and they would not accept because of my age? or is this just a preference due …

How can I find a surrogate mother in the UK?
Me and my partner are looking for a surrogate in the UK, but unfortunately we are finding it hard here in the UK. It seems to be much easier in the US. …

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