After Surrogacy – What Happens After the Surrogate Pregnancy

After surrogacy. You’ve reached the end of the surrogate pregnancy. But what happens now? Learn about emotional changes, breast milk, and contact issues following the surro birth.

For a surrogate mother, the birth of the baby is usually seen as the end of the journey. She has completed her role. But for the surrogate babies and the intended parents, the birth is just the beginning of an entire life. For everyone, it can be an extremely emotional time.

The Future

It is not always possible for those involved in a journey to know what emotions and feelings will happen until after surrogacy. For most, it is a very happy and joyous time.

This might be the time when the future is discussed. Issues like contact after birth and potential sibling projects are common discussions at this point.

Though these issues may have already been addressed earlier in the surrogate pregnancy, or even before the journey began, time, and the actual birth of the baby can change things. It is important to go over these issues again, no matter how awkward.

Just keep an open mind and try not to let emotions rule your thoughts and conversations.

Breast Milk

Some surrogate mothers choose to pump breast milk for the surrogate babies they have carried. This is a large, very time consuming commitment, and not all intended parents are interested in breast milk.

Other surrogates, after surrogacy, choose to donate their breast milk to organizations or individuals in need.

And for those who do not? Well, they need to dry up the milk to become as comfortable as possible, in as short of time as possible.

The Ugly Side of Journies

Though most arrangements go very well, and everything goes as planned, there are some situations where the mood changes after surrogacy. Occasionally, things do not go as expected.

Often, what a surrogate mother or a set of intended parents expect to happen after the birth of the baby simply does not come true. Usually, this is due to unforeseen emotions, and is most likely a negative experience for the surrogate mother, not the intended parent.

It’s good to remember that no matter how a journey ends, what’s important is the beautiful life or lives created. A journey such as this changes everyone involved forever.

Did your relationship change once the baby was born?

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