About Surrogacy Agencies – Using a Surrogacy Agency in Commercial Surrogacy

Learn about surrogacy agencies and when to use one in an arrangement. “Surrogate Mother Wanted” isn’t the only reason to hire an agency. In addition to matching services, an agency helps both intended parents and surrogate mothers navigate through the complicated process of surrogacy, from start to finish.

When deciding to become a surrogate mother or to use a surrogate mother, one of the first decisions you will need to make is about surrogacy agencies; whether to use one or not. An agency is a third party company, hired by the intended parents, to assist with the entire process. Each agency varies, but they generally provide services such as:

  • Matching surrogate mothers and intended parents
  • Facilitating testing and various appointments
  • Putting intended parents and surrogate in contact with attorneys
  • Facilitating contract negotiations
  • Mediation between surrogate mothers and intended parents
  • Escrow services
  • Travel arrangements

About surrogacy agencies: Working with an agency can be a good idea, especially for first time surrogate mothers and intended parents. Again, the services offered by agencies differ, and the services needed by intended parents differ, so when learning about surrogacy agencies it is important to realize that agencies are diverse and plentiful.

Some surrogacy agencies simply find intended parents a surrogate mother to work with. They post ads in various newspapers and classifieds: Surrogate Mother Wanted.

This is by far the most common and most important role of an agency. These agencies will then step out of the way and allow the surrogate and intended parents to make all other arrangements.

Most agencies will, however, provide a much larger list of services. After matching the surrogate and intended parents, they act as a go-between to facilitate negotiations on payments, terms, and testing. The agency will be an extra contact between the lawyers and will set up appointments and make arrangements for various testing that the surrogate and/or intended parents will need to take.

The agency will handle all payments to the surrogate, and will act as a mediator if any problems should arise during the journey.

Agency Fees

In all arrangements, it is the intended parents who pay for the agency services.

The fees the intended parents pay the agency range depending on the services provided, and the agency itself. They can range anywhere from $3,000 to over $20,000. Surrogate mothers will not be required to pay any fees to work with an agency, though they will have to go through an application process, and may be required to work exclusively with that agency for a specified period of time.


Some agencies are not very good. Please research an agency before you agree to work with them. Go to our recommended agencies page to find quality providers.

Do You Need an Agency?

If you are a potential surrogate mother or intended parent, you might wonder if you actually need to go through an agency. The answer is no. You are more than welcome to make an independent match on your own.

Though you do not need to hire an agency to assist you, both the intended parents and the surrogate mother need their own attorney. An agency is recommended in all international arrangements.

What do you think? Match independently, or rely on full-services?

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