Why is surrogacy risky?

Where does the extra risk of losing your own ability to have more children after being a surrogate come from? Is it just due to the higher risk of multiples?

I know you have said that you highly suggest that a surrogate is finished having her own children before becoming a surrogate. However, I am doing this for a friend, and my husband and I want to have 2 more children, but spread out over the next 3-5 years. My friend does not want to wait this long before having her child, but cannot afford the fee if she is paying for the surrogate.

So I guess I am asking do you have access to a web site with statistics on a surrogate’s loss of ability to have her own children after surrogacy? If the risk is in multiples, we are looking into selective reduction, as my friend does not want triplets or higher.

Reply by Rayven
Pregnancy, in and of itself, is risky. I’m sure you can uncover multiple risks to a woman’s health, life, and reproductive ability with any pregnancy with a simple google search. That alone is reason to make sure your own family has been completed before you become a surrogate mother.

Now, with surrogacy, there are additional risks, and yes, many are associated with how common multiples are in surrogacy. But then there are things like the fact that the more pregnancies you have, the more you are at risk for complications, and the fact that your body might not react well to the medications you are on.

Will it happen that you will not be able to have any further children after becoming a surrogate mother for your friend? Probably not. Can it happen? Absolutely.

The most important thing is to understand the risks and make an educated decision on whether you would like to proceed. It might also be a good idea to sit down with your OB/GYN and see what he/she recommends. Your doctor has most likely seen what can happen during a “normal” pregnancy and might be able to offer you practical advice.

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