What are the odds of becoming a surrogate?

Surrogacy-Quote-7I am 20 with a son.. and I would love to help other couples who are unable to have a child..

I was just wondering what the odds of me being a surrogate mother.

Reply by Rayven
Well, assuming you are in the United States…

Most states that allow surrogacy require you to be 21. That’s really not a big deal at this point, since the process will probably take until your 21st birthday anyway.

As far as the “odds” of you becoming a surrogate, that’s really up to you. If you pursue this, and you are healthy and meet the requirements, and you are able to deliver in a surrogacy friendly state, then you can be a surrogate.

There are more intended parents looking for surrogates than there are surrogates. You just need to go through the process (which you will find by reading this site, starting with the top tab and going through page by page).

Best wishes.

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