What if you want to be a surrogate, but have given your child to an adoptive family?

Surrogacy-Quote-42by Shanny
(South Dakota)

Hi, I’ve been reading in most of the websites on surrogate’s requirements, and they say you most have given birth to a child and be raising them. Well I was pregnant, had a healthy baby, maintain my health, and gave my child a better future. Does this automatically disqualify me?

Reply by Rayven


While this does not automatically disqualify you, it does need to be examined further. The intended parents, clinic, agency, and the doctor doing your psychological evaluation will want to know a few things.

How long ago did you give up your baby? What were the circumstances surrounding the adoption? Was the living situation you were in then different from the living situation you are in now? Are you currently on any public assistance? Did you experience any postpartum depression or lingering sadness after the adoption? Do you have a support system in place? Why do you want to become a surrogate mother now?

Now, I’m not asking you to answer these questions here, I’m simply telling you the questions you will be asked.

I have known a surrogate who had given up two babies before starting surrogacy; so it can be done. I would work with an agency if I were you.

Best wishes!

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