Want to be a surrogate at 14

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I’m 14, ive wanted to be surrogate mother for about 3 years now, having the family that i have im a lot more mature then an average teenager. Any way to get around the age limit of surrogacy?

Reply by Rayven

Olivia, I’m going to be very blunt here and not mince words, because I feel you need this wake-up call.

A 14 yr old is not mature enough to handle surrogacy. Period.

The fact that you are asking this question proves the point that you have not yet reached the right maturity level for surrogacy. And you’ve wanted to do this since 11? I can tell you MY 11 yr old daughter has decided she never wants to be pregnant!

Listen, you might be desiring this from the stance that you want to help someone, or perhaps you want to experience pregnancy without becoming a mom yourself. Either way, surrogacy is not an option for you, not until you are 21 and have completed your own family.

What you are describing is not only illegal, it would be child abuse. (You being the child.)

More reasons why this wouldn’t work:

1. It’s against the law
2. Your body is still growing
3. Your body is unproven
4. You are not emotionally mature enough to give back the baby
5. You are not emotionally mature enough to deal with the complex relationships between the surrogate and intended parents
6. The shots and fertility treatments may affect your body in a negative way since you are still a teen
7. You may lose your ability to EVER have children of your own

Do I need to go on? Really, I should have stopped at #1. IT IS ILLEGAL.

Please, girls reading this. No matter who you are or what you have been through in life, you are NOT the exception to the law. No one is. And no one is the same at 21 as they were at 14.

Best wishes to you and sorry for my bluntness.

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