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So far I’ve seen that I fit all the normal requirements to become a surrogate, but have had trouble deciding about making the final call for them to contact me, because with my son(1st and only pregnancy)in my previous living arrangement I wasn’t able to seek prenatal care and when my son was born I had a yeast infection(it happens)and he was overdue as well as 9.2 lbs had to be taken by c-section(I’m was only 4’10″&118 huge baby!) perfectly healthy except for the c-section and had trouble breathing after some fluid was found in his lungs from him being overdue the doctors said. I want to be able to have vaginal births if I became a surrogate not to have multiple c-sections.
What do you think my chances are of being approved and physically what my chances are of having a vaginal birth considering my first pregnancy? I want to ease my husbands worry. Thank you.

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As far as being approved to become a surrogate mother based on your son’s birth circumstances, you will most likely be able to explain away the unique conditions he was born under as you have done here.

But for the c-sections, realize that a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) let alone multiple VBACs (if you choose to do this more than once) may be a little more difficult.

You will need to find a doctor who performs them in your area, and realize that in some areas, VBACs are simply not done. It will depend on which way your incision was when you had your last cesarean (if it was made up and down instead of side to side you are not eligible for a VBAC), among other factors.

You also need to realize that even if you have the intent of a VBAC, when the time comes, it simply may not be possible. And if you are pregnant with twins (common in surrogacy) it will not be an option.

In addition to all this, you would need to find intended parents comfortable with your choice to attempt a VBAC.

It can be done, but it doesn’t always go as planned.

Good luck!

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