Why is a surrogate’s financial status anyone’s business??

Surrogacy-Quote-9I just read another post in which you state that a surrogate declaring bankruptcy was a nightmare situation.

Would you care to elaborate a little on this subject??

I understand that an ideal surrogate needs to be financially stable – but bankruptcy does not ALWAYS mean that one is financially unstable. Sometimes bankruptcy is needed for a fresh start to overcome PAST troubles – and has no real bearing on CURRENT situations.

If a stable, supportive and as-stress-free-as-possible environment is what is surrounding a potential surrogate, I fail to see how financial status (minus being on government assistance, which I totally understand reasoning for) is any of anyone’s business.

Your insight on everything so far has been amazing… so I would appreciate you enlightening me!!!:)

Reply by Rayven

Hi there!

I think you may have misread my previous post regarding State Funded Surrogacy. To my knowledge (and please, correct me if I’m wrong!) I have never mentioned any problems with surrogates who have declared bankruptcy.

In fact, I know SEVERAL surrogates who have had bankruptcies on their credit records.

I personally was never run through a credit check. I was never asked probing questions as to what my income level was, or if I had personally declared bankruptcy, though I was asked if I was on state assistance. Some surrogates do get a credit check, but most do not. Those that do, could easily explain away bankruptcy in the past. We are not talking about applying for an auto loan here; this is not a name less, faceless corporation, but a set of real people who may have had financial troubles in the past themselves.

The post I believe you were referring to was this one: https://www.information-on-surrogacy.com/why-do-agencies-require-a-serogate-to-not-be-on-goverment-assistance.html in which I stated that those who are doing surrogacy strictly for the money may run into a financial nightmare.

I agree with you wholeheartedly that a past bankruptcy should have no bearing on surrogacy. You shouldn’t have a problem whatsoever.

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