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I am currently researching everything I can to see of being a gestational surrogate for my sister is something I can do. She has had 4 miscarriages in the past 2 years, this last one at 20 weeks. She cannot carry a baby to term. I have had two healthy boys and at first blush thought this is something I could do for them. However, after doing my due diligence it is a lot more involved than I ever imagined and A LOT more expensive. I have gone through your questions, a lot anyway, but they are all a little different from our situation. We live in Florida, so I know it is legal at least. Thank you for your site and your time. This is a HUGE decision and want to ensure we have all the answers we could possibly get. Thanks again. =)

  • Are there any possible long-term side effects to the medications I would have to take as the surrogate?
  • What can I except while on the medications?
  • What is the timeframe from first visit to a doctor to implantation?

What would the cost be, assuming my insurance would cover a surrogate pregnancy, and of there was no compensation or lawyers fees (I would not accept a dime and my father in law just so happens to be a lawyer)? So, it would be just the medical expenses for IVF and hopefully pregnancy/delivery).

Thank you again, so much.

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Your questions are prime examples of things I am unable to answer.

Your medical questions should be answered, in full, by your IVF clinic. I have no idea what the timing will be in your situation. I’ve had it take a couple weeks, I’ve had it take months and months. It depends on your clinic.

As far as if there are long-term side effects to your meds, yes, there can be. Again, specific interactions, side effects, and long-term results will need to be examined for each medication you are on, and will need to be discussed at length with your doctor.

What can you expect on medication? Expect to give yourself 1,2, or 3 shots every single day for months. Expect mood swings. Expect weight gain. Expect to hate it. But beyond that, I can only tell you to go over your protocol with your doctor. Each clinic gives different medications/combinations. And yes, there will be multiple medications, oral, injections, and usually vaginal suppositories.

And the costs? You’ll have to find out what your insurance pays for and will not pay for in a pregnancy. My son cost $5 from the time I was pregnant until my postpartum visit. I’ve had surrogacy journeys run around $6,000 with no complications. Check your policy.

And the clinic costs? Ask them. I do not know their rates. Check around with local clinics in your area. Find out the fees. Make sure you ask for estimates of the costs for medications as well.

If these are your only questions left about surrogacy, then you’ve really done your homework! And you’ve probably exhausted the resources of this website.

Best wishes on your journey!


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