Being a surrogate for my best friend and biological father…

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My best friend (who is 10 yrs older than me) has been trying to have a baby for 4 yrs now with no success. She miscarried last year at about 8 weeks (if not a little earlier). She is now having female issues which will probably prevent her from carrying. My question is: Can I be her surrogate? This is the thing: she is married to my dad (my biological father). Weird I know. Is it possible for me to carry a child for my dad since we are blood related or would she have to get a sperm donor? I have 2 children already, and I am considering telling her I will carry for her. But, I want to get my ducks in a row before I approach the idea. Thanks.

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It is very common for one family member to carry a baby via surrogacy for another family member. Here’s how it would work:

Option A: Gestational Surrogacy
Your friend’s egg and your father’s sperm

Option B: Gestational Surrogacy
An egg donor’s egg and your father’s sperm

Option C: Traditional Surrogacy
Your egg and a sperm donor’s sperm

With the third option, you would be the biological mother of the child.

What you cannot do is have you be the biological mother and use your father’s sperm.

So as you can see, you do have a few choices with this. Best wishes!


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