Can I still be a surrogate after having a C-section?

by Casey
(Lemoore, CA)
When I had my set of twins, I had one vaginally and then the second by C-section so I’m worried that I may not be accepted as a surrogate. Is there still a chance that I could do this?

Reply by Rayven

Having a prior C-section does not affect your chances for becoming a surrogate mother in the least, assuming that your doctor clears you for another pregnancy.

Many, many surrogate mothers have had C-sections before, and many more have them for the first time as surrogate mothers, as multiples are common.

Most likely, since you have already had a C-section, your doctor will require you to have C-sections for all births going forward. This is actually quite helpful in surrogacy, as planning the birth is easier.

Best wishes!

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