international surrogacy in the UK

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(blackpool lancashire uk)

can i be a surrogate mother for an american citizen if im from the uk and if so how do i go about this thank u

Interested in becoming a ts surrogate mother for those in need of one

Reply by Rayven
Hi Danielle,

There really is not an advantage for an American citizen to seek a surrogate mother in the UK. It would be very expensive to fly back and forth, and the laws in the UK are much less favorable than those in the United States.

Usually, UK intended parents will look for a surrogate mother in the United States, not the other way around.

If you are looking to become a surrogate mother, there are many couples in the UK looking for a surrogate mother. There is no need for you to look for international intended parents. There are plenty local parents looking for you.

As to the legalities, or if it is even possible, you would need to contact an attorney in the UK that specializes in surrogacy and ask about the requirements. There are many aspects to look into with such a situation, including how traditional surrogacy is dealt with, and issues such as citizenship, etc.

But unless you are becoming a surrogate mother for a family member that happens to be a US citizen, again, I see no advantage for an American using a UK surrogate. It would be so much easier and less expensive for an American to use an American surrogate.

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