Surrogacy after menopause?!

Surrogacy-Quote-47by Stuart
(West sussex)

Hi Rayven, Is surrogacy only successful if the surrogate mother is fertile? In the case where the egg has been donated.
Could someone be a surrogate after menopause?
Many thanks


Reply by Rayven
Gestational surrogacy is still possible after menopause for a mother to assist her son or daughter. There would rarely be another reason for a surrogate mother that has gone through menopause.

IVF does not require the use of one’s ovaries (in surrogacy). It does require a healthy mother, and as women age, their ability to carry a baby deteriorates. So while it is not uncommon for a post-menopausal woman to go through IVF, there are few that actually qualify, health-wise.

Traditional surrogacy is not possible after menopause.

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