What are the steps you have to go through to become a surrogate?

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-Health factors
-Family history
-Blood type

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Each country has different laws and regulations on surrogacy. In some countries, like the United States, surrogacy is legal and is common. In other countries, it is illegal. I do not know any of the laws pertaining to surrogacy in Korea. You will need to speak with an attorney in your country.

As far as medical qualifications, the biggest qualification for surrogacy is that the potential surrogate mother has given birth to at least one healthy, full term baby.

Family history only matters for traditional surrogacy, unless there is something in a gestational surrogate mother’s history that may make it unsafe for her to carry children.

There are no rules to blood type in most surrogacy arrangements.

For step by step instructions on getting started in the United States please see:

Surrogacy Getting Started Guide

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