my tubes are tied can i still get a surrogate?

Me and my husband have been married two years now and have two kids a peice, but none together. My tubes are tied can I get a surrogate with my tubes tied

Reply by Rayven
I’m somewhat confused by your post, but let me see if I can answer your question. (I’ll go through different scenarios in case I’ve misunderstood.)

If you are asking if you can BECOME a surrogate mother with your tubes tied, then YES, you can become a gestational surrogate, but not a traditional surrogate.

If you are asking if you can USE a gestational surrogate mother with your tubes tied, well, you can USE a surrogate mother for any reason, whether your tubes are tied or not.

You are able to do an egg retrieval to go through IVF when your tubes are tied, if that is what you are asking. Which leads me to the question, why not just go through IVF for yourself, instead of using a surrogate mother? If there is no medical reason for you to need a surrogate other than the fact that you’ve had your tubes tied, then you should be able to have your own baby via IVF.

If there is a medical need for a surrogate, you can still have your own biological child, even with your tubes tied, assuming you have good quality eggs.

I hope this answer was what you were looking for.

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