I have never been pregnant. Could I still be an Surrogate?

by Lydia

I have always wanted to be a Surrogate. I have never been pregnant before. Would someone still consider me as an Surrogate? IS there a way to become a Surrogate without the use of an organization?

Reply by Rayven
While it is very noble of you to consider becoming a surrogate mother, if you have never successfully given birth to a child before, you are not eligible to become a surrogate mother at this time.

This is for a number of reasons:

1. No Proven Fertility
Surrogacy is very expensive. Without demonstrating that you, yourself are fertile and capable of carrying a child, your intended parents would be taking a huge risk.

2. Unknown Feelings
Since you have never been pregnant, it is unknown how likely you will be to develop depression after the baby is born, and with no children of your own to come home to, you might experience unusually high levels of sadness when you give back the child.

3. Risks of Surrogacy
Surrogacy is risky. Anything can happen. It does happen that during a surrogate pregnancy a woman loses her ability to carry any further children. While this is sad for a woman whose family is already complete, it is devastating to one who plans on having more children.

Though it is wonderful for you to be thinking of such a generous gift now, you need to wait until you have completed your own family first.

Even with an independent surrogacy match (not going through an agency) you may find a couple to work with you, but their clinic would reject you. Wait. There will always (unfortunately) be more intended parents to help later.

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