How will the clinic sync the surrogate and egg donor’s cycle?

by chelsea schoettgen

Have you ever worked with Surrogenesis in California? I’m suppose to fly down to La Jolla to have my first apt. I don’t really know what to expect on my first apt. How will they control my menstrual cycle to be in sync with my Ip’s egg donor? thanks

Reply by Rayven
Hi Chelsea,

I have not worked with Surrogenesis. There are hundreds of surrogacy agencies. Maybe another viewer has worked with them and can give you some feedback.

As far as how the clinic will sync you and the egg donor, you should already have been put on birth control pills. They will have you take these for several weeks/months and will have you “skip” certain days as you are approaching the transfer. You will also need to take daily injections of Lupron which will suppress your cycle. (You will give yourself the shots into your tummy area; the needles are small like a diabetic needle. This may be in combination with an estrogen shot into your hip every few nights, again, self administered.)

The combination of these two things will put you in sync with the egg donor.

Most clinics follow this or a similar protocol, though your experience may vary slightly.

Best wishes!

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