How old do intended parents need to be

by Cody Weimann

I am a single male who want’s to become a father, and I was wondering how old I have to be in order to start a surrogacy program and what are the costs?

Reply by Rayven
Ironically, surrogate mothers need to be 21+ but intended parents and the surrogate’s husband only need to be 18+. If you can afford it, you can do it.

As to the costs of surrogacy, they vary greatly from situation to situation:

Will this be a traditional surrogacy, or a gestational surrogacy with an egg donor?

Will the surrogacy take place locally, or are your state laws prohibitive with single-father surrogacy, so you must get a surrogate in another state?

Is your surrogate a close friend or family member who will not take a fee, or will you be looking for a first-time surrogate or an experienced surrogate?

Will the surrogate have health insurance, or will you be paying cash for all prenatal and delivery care?

Will the procedure take the first time, or take multiple tries?

Will there be multiples?

As you can see, it varies significantly. It could be as low as $20,000 for a local friend acting as a traditional surrogate, to upwards of $100K if you need an experienced gestational surrogate in another state and it takes a few tries, and you need to get an egg donor and there is bedrest and ….etc.

There are too many variables to give you any sort of exact price. Check out more pages on fees in the “Compensation” tab to your left.

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