How can I have a baby?

Surrogacy-Quote-25by Vincent
(Lakeland, FL)

I want to have a baby and be able to raise him/her, but I need someone to carry my baby. How and where do I go about doing that?

Reply by Rayven

Hi Vincent,

It is becoming increasingly common for single men (regardless of their sexual preferences) to seek out a surrogate mother to start a family.

You’ll need to decide if you want a traditional surrogate, or if you’d like to find an egg donor and use a gestational surrogate.

After that, the process is like any other surrogacy, and you can get started by reading this site. Just click the links to the left, read the pages and all links they go to, and move down the list.

I will mention that you will be unable to use a surrogate in the state of Florida. Florida law states that a surrogate may only be used by a married couple. You’ll have to have the baby born in another state.

Best wishes to you!

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